Underpinning Factions in Traveller

  • Now that I’ve held up a thumb in the wind about how I might want to use M-Space circles in my Traveller games (with some concrete examples to support my current campaign), I’m going to follow up with some suggestions on what the descriptive mechanics for them mean in a Traveller context, and some initial rough working out of how to use them. This post is, accordingly, quite house-rulesy.
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Factions in Traveller

  • Borrowing bits and pieces from other table-top roleplaying games for use with Traveller seems like a good way to fill out places where it has a few gaps; but I try to do this with care, mindful that the spareness of the original rules-set is more often a feature than it is a defect. Still, while Traveller provides an excellent framework for describing people, space-ships, worlds and star-systems, and creatures, one place where it stumbles a bit is on the social side of things. While it does contain a workmanlike “reaction table” and some assistance in building “patrons” and encounters, it doesn’t really give much guidance on ways to build and represent groups of people and their common interests. Enter the “Circles” rules from the M-Space game: a clean and simple way to define factions, of various sizes and kinds.
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The Distant Star

  • The Distant Star serves as the flagship of Vargas SL, the patron merchant corporation employing our heroes in my current Traveller adventures for one of my weekly groups. I wanted to start with a standard 600T type-M Subsidized Liner from the classic game, and heavily mod it as would sensibly be done by the company for the use of one of their highly placed representatives on special trade missions. This requires fiddling with the basic design in Book 2, chopping away some of the suites, adding useful features not in the stock liner: a light refactoring rather than a complete rebuild.
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