I work in the software industry and spend my non-work time playing tabletop role playing and board games and practising Iwama-style aikido. This website is an archive of thoughts and projects, mostly related to tabeltop games.

I've been playing role playing games and board games in earnest for about forty years, starting in a high school chess and board game club and continuing on through university and afterwards. The first RPGs I owned were a Traveller set (the little black box) and a D&D set (with the psychedelic Erol Otus cover).


b-side. I've modified his theme code for this site, but I started with Alexander Carlton's excellent hugo-b-side theme for the Hugo site generator. The site, therefore, indirectly borrows from all his influences, as well.

It leans most heavily on the tufte-css project with Optima as the underlying typeface, instead of ETBembo (backed by the Lato web font for those without Optima available).

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